There are plenty of websites that provide you room for discussion, plenty of sites that allow you to track the minute  to minute changes in price and precise financial stats, there are even numerous sites to sift through gossip and hearsay of investors around the world.  So my goal is not to replicate those actions.  If you want that information then it is out there for you to find.  Oftentimes it is very valuable – though just as often you can get caught up in the numbers and opinions and forget to think for yourself.

My goal here is to provide a brief overview of what I think could be promising stocks.  There will be a touch of financial analysis, a large dash of news and information on the company, and a focus on the big picture.  I will never bluntly tell you whether you should invest or not. After reading my analysis you should go out, look up the company, read other articles, do some research and then come up with your own informed opinion about what to do with your money.

So there you have it.  If you want ideas for solid stocks to invest your money check back.


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